TRAILER RACE RULES ***All rules are subject to Tech Discretion***


Tow vehicle:

1) Any full-size car, small van or pickup truck is eligible. Two wheel drive or four wheel drive allowed. Race cars from any division are approved. Other vehicles entered must meet tech safety requirements. RV vehicles or oversize vehicles need approval.


2) Cages are not required, but are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! A car without a roll cage must have the door seams plated and welded shut. Must have a door plate welded to vehicle to protect the driver.


3) Shoulder and lap belt required. 4/5 point harness is RECOMMENDED. Helmet, fire suit and gloves required. All glass (except front windshield), lights and mirrors must be removed. If windshield is removed it must be replaced with wire or lexan to protect the driver. 4) Must have fire extinguisher mounted inside vehicle. Minimum of 2 1/2 pound extinguisher. 5) Must have light attached to roof to signal when you are out of the race (no trailer or broken). Trailer/Boat: 1) You may tow a trailer, boat, or boat on a trailer! 2) Trailer cannot be rigged to self-destruct, leaving only frame to continue racing and must be able to race without falling apart. If trailer is rigged, that driver will be disqualified. 3) Travel trailer/pop-up camper, boat or whatever on a trailer is eligible. If trailer is in question by any competitor, the trailer will be voted on by the rest of the competitors whether trailer is legal to run.


4) If you are towing a boat on a trailer, or a camper on a trailer, the boat/camper must be strapped to trailer. Boats/campers must be gutted. No propane tanks, motors, fuel tanks or out drives allowed.


5) Travel trailer/campers must be completely cleaned out inside, removing everything that is not part of unit (i.e., pots/pans, clothes, silverware, trash, household items or anything that is not a permanent part of trailer as manufactured. Also holding tanks need to be clean and empty!!!). Popups must be raced in fully extended/popped up position. A) All dangerous items need to be removed. B) Glass must be removed. C) Tongue must be attached to tow vehicle by hitch and ball, free pivoting. Safety chains and equalizer bars are not allowed. D) Ballast or weight cannot be added.


6) Boats not on a trailer must be fiberglass (no aluminum/steel). A) All glass, trim, engines, out drives, or anything considered harmful/dangerous must be removed. B) If you are dragging a boat you are to have no more than TWO (24 inches) feet of separation. C) Boat must be cleaned out and free of trash. Props (such as life preservers, soft toys, balloons, seat cushions, etc.) are allowed, but must pass safety tech inspection. D) If boat has fuel tank it must be removed or punctured and cleaned out. 6) Mascots, decorating vehicles, advertising nicknames, cartoons, etc. are encouraged. No suggestive language, symbols or numbers allowed on vehicles. Anything on the vehicle in bad taste will mean disqualification. This is a family event.


7) Vehicles/intact trailers must be removed from Speedway. Debris from the vehicles/trailers will be removed by PRA, but tow vehicles and trailers must be removed by the participant.


Object of Race:

1) Finish race with your trailer or boat attached while trying to separate the trailers/boats of your competitors from their vehicle. If you lose your trailer, you will be disqualified and you will be black-flagged. If you hit another tow vehicle with your vehicle, you will be disqualified immediately! Length of race is at least 15 laps unless only one trailer/tow vehicle combo remains intact. In that event, they will be declared the winner.


2) This event is designed to be fun. Be respectful to your fellow competitors and do not harm each other. Zero tolerance for competitors running into tow vehicles.