This class designed for younger drivers only up to 16. They will utilize the exact same rules as our Hornets.

with the exception of there being no claim on the car.


This class is designed for drivers aged 11-16, to compete in to gain valuable racing experience, and not have to compete against much older and seasoned drivers in the Hornet class. This is not a points division, and drivers will be racing a limited schedule, for a trophy going to each events main event winner.

Jr. Stinger drivers may also choose to compete in the Hornet division, but only after its determined by track officials they possess the abilities of good car control, can hold and maintain a proper racing line on the track, and display safe and respectful driving in general. A separate, additional entry fee will also be required. Drivers shall start in the rear of any Hornet event they enter into, until determined by track officials they are experienced and skilled enough to start where they would qualify for said event.

Rules: Jr. Stingers shall use the exact same rules as the Hornet class, with the exception being there shall be no claim on any car.

Race Format: Drivers shall stage cars in staging area. Upon entering track, a plate shall be placed upside down with a number on it, driver will point at one randomly, and the number on it will determine starting order. Winner from previous events race shall automatically start in the rear of the field.